Welcome to "Celestial Inferno"!

This is a fansite of FINAL FANTASY 4-10 !!
There are these "Character's data","Fanfics",and "Fanarts".
ALL was made up by me ! (without gift pics and stories)
"Character's data","Fanfics" were all written in Japanese...
Sorry....you can enjoy only Fanarts....!

I'm sighning "(c)Tao Nakasa / Celestial Inferno" in places on my site.
I consider "(c)" is not "Copyright" but "Created by" or "Constructed by".
Of course, I don't own the characters of FF. SquareEnix does them.
But, all Fanarts and Fanfics on my site are just mine.
So, I forbid you to reproduce them without my permission.

And, I don't permit you to make something out of my Fanarts.
Because I think that images (icon,banner...and so on) are symbol of the site.
It is not pleasant that my Fanarts are used for an utter strangers.
You will be disappointed by my words....but, please accept my demand !

Thank you.


Please feel free to link to me.
You can do it without my permission.
But I'll be happy if you tell me so.

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I'm sorry of my unskillful writing.
I'm not good at English!! (-_-;;